Tour of the Lab(s)

Something different today for the blog, a glimpse inside my personal workplace…… that place I work, when I’m not working.  Actually, it has grown to places, with three distinct networks connecting it all together.

The subterranean room

Lab/radio room with UHF, VHF and HF radio equipment, a number of mics, however, most communication uses PSK31 and JT65 digital communication (Keyboard to Keyboard) using a Raspberry Pi and a number of software programs.

The HP 8565A spectrum analyzer, with an HP 6525A 0 – 4000 VDC power supply underneath. (hence the high voltage warning sticker).

Yes those are vacuum tubes!

Next to the right is a Textronix / Sony 318 logic analyzer with a portable frequency counter sitting atop.

Frequency Generator, connected to a Datascan frequency counter. In between is a signal generator, to the right is a Simpson Bench DVM with a BOE bot sitting on top, followed to the right by a 20 VDC variable supply with a Simpson panel alarm meter on top.

On the shelf further to the right is an old Knight 0 – 300 VDC power supply, an audio multiplexer for combinational tones and a Nida function generator.


In this view is a 240 VAC Variac, 240 VAC meter, small antique DC power supply, VTVM and HP audio generator.

Close up of the bit scope, running on a Raspberry Pi and 7 inch touch screen, this is a great portable small factor scope solution.


In the broader view the bit scope, signal generator, logic analyzer powered breadboards, soldering station during an Arduino to ESP 8266 development test.  I know it looks messy, but if it were clean, nothing would be happening.

Five screens, no waiting.

Lab space two (the garage)

Great place for running applications on microcomputers (mostly Raspberry Pi’s and Pi zeros) on a segregated network.

Also the home of my Wifi honeypot and my Outernet receiver and network (see for details)  It may look a bit crowded, great place to work except when its below freezing.

Pi Zero  parts for the docker swarm, come on, you wish you were using a ’56 Chevy for a table!


Three node Docker swarm and @TweetnPi my automated Twitter Pi.

Sensehat Pi 3 with Wunderground weather api and some of my first custom Python code.

Wunderground running

Also running on the segregated network is Nagios for network interrogation.

Nagios Screen


Away from the bench is a solar powered Maxon 2 meter radio connected to a digital interface that feeds a Raspberry Pi 2 for APRS automatic packet reporting system) operating in two modes as a digipeater repeating transmissions received and as an igate passing traffic from the radio network to the internet.

Maxon radio and control


Solar charged batteries
Raspberry Pi for digipeater and igate


Solar charge controller


Going Mobile

Sometimes you just need to take tech on the road.

Rusty old TV truck
30 foot pneumatic mast
Inside the rust bucket

Just a fun behind the scenes look, about fifty percent of the equipment (and no one wants to see my parts storage)

Thanks for reading, keep your bits out of the bucket.